By commissioning to write a diploma thesis, it is easy to fall victim to fraud.

In turn finding the right contractor is already half the success in the process of creating a master’s or bachelor’s thesis. It must be said directly that students who are looking for a contractor to write a paper should avoid private individuals and companies registered abroad.

Money should be deposited into accounts registered for company data, and anonymous or uncertain payment systems should be avoided. The biggest problems can be caused by ordering work for a private person or a company registered abroad. They do not bear virtually any responsibility for incorrect performance of the service. It is difficult to trace them and determine who the account number belongs to, and who actually wrote the text and whom to whom damage should be sought if necessary.

The basic mistake students make when commissioning the writing of a thesis is to entrust the order to entities largely anonymous. Students forget to check who the website belongs to, or who has inserted the advertisement. If this information is not in the “contact” tab, then you have to ask the person with whom you correspond. Obtaining the real data of a potential contractor is necessary to move on to the next stage. In the job writing market, it is the number one condition.

Before we get to the search for the right person, or a text-writing company, it’s worth finding out how the market for writing commissioned works works. There are both scammers and honest performers in every industry. It’s the same in this case.

If the dishonest performers were themselves, the industry would quickly fall, because the wave of dissatisfaction and negative comments would spread quickly. There would be no willing to commission this type of texts. On the other hand, if there were only honest and very good writers of works, then on the Internet there would not be so many comments, entries, articles, forums on which we can find stories of people who were deceived. There is no golden rule to guard against fraud, but there are a few simple rules to follow to minimize the risk of cheating almost to zero.

First of all, it is worth finding out who the real person is, who announces himself on the Internet under the banner of “writing works”. It is necessary to know the actual data of the person or company that places the advertisement chosen by us, or runs a specific website. Services consisting in writing various types of work and student consultations can be provided entirely via the Internet. On the other side of the computer can be completely different than we imagine. First, you can ask for a phone call and wait for a reaction, what will be the answer, will you be willing to conduct such a conversation, hear the client.

After that you can also check the person’s approach to the services provided, its concept on the subject.

However, many people who write jobs, prefer to receive guidelines by e-mail, because there are so many of them.

Therefore, it is enough to ask whether the contractor issues an invoice or whether he signs a contract for the service provided. If she is a private person and does not issue these documents, it is not worth risking to work. It should be remembered that such a private person can easily avoid liability for improper performance of the service. In turn, the entrepreneur is obliged on the basis of national regulations to provide the customer with reliable information and to deliver goods or services free from defects, according to the client’s wishes.

Constructing a universal contract for this type of order is not an easy thing, because often during cooperation, the findings and guidelines may change. Therefore, the invoice along with full address details, company name, NIP, REGON, KRS should be enough. She gives you the confidence to have real data. It is worth asking about the possibility of issuing invoices and waiting for the contractor’s reaction.

Any attempt to get out of it, or postpone this action, is a signal that should arouse suspicion.

This means that the person has something to hide, is not transparent, and thus becomes an uncertain contractor.

Private individuals and companies registered outside of UK do not pay taxes and thus offer low prices for services. In this way, they attract clients, accept many orders, execute them quickly and just as. All that counts is the collection of subsequent amounts. They are aware that their liability is almost none, because without issuing an invoice, it is difficult to prove what the object of the service really was. In turn prosecuting individuals or companies abroad is very costly, time-consuming and involves the risk of failure, while incurring large costs. Therefore, despite the notification of fraud, the police, Internal Security Agency, the Tax Office, discontinue such matters.

Receiving a faulty diploma thesis may ruin your entire studies, several years of study, work, and sacrifice.