The price for writing a thesis and the quality of the text Many students wonder what the price should be for writing a thesis, bachelor’s or engineering thesis.

Hundreds of ads can be found on the market, and among them both services are offered by private individuals as well as companies.

By submitting a question to several / a dozen or so entities who write works on commission, we will receive offers with a very diversified price list. Usually it is a conversion rate according to the price per one page, which ranges from GBP 15 to 50. Certainly such a discrepancy is the result of a theme that does not suit everyone, or dates, more or less tense.

The price of the diploma thesis also depends on its character – theoretical, research, analytical. Certainly, the amount for one page, given by individual contractors, gives us the answer to one important question. It allows to know what is the approach of a given contractor to the services provided.

The lowest amount per page may mean that the person or company has just too few orders and wants to accept anything to be able to do anything and improve the budget. Thus, one should not expect too much involvement on its part, and hence, text with a high uniqueness coefficient.

For sure people and companies offering the highest rates on the market are more aware of how much effort is involved in the preparation of a highly specialized scientific, authorial and unique text. It may seem that this is just ordinary writing, in which you can do several pages during one hour, and during the day, a dozen or so, without leaving your home, to collect GBP 200-300. Nothing could be more wrong, because writing a job is first of all gathering material in the library and reading room. Unless someone wants his work to be based on internet sources, then you can easily order texts for GBP 15 per page.

The next steps are to read these sources in part or in whole, to choose from them the essence of knowledge, to adapt to the work plan and to the research problem. Only now can you begin to translate the collected information into a paper form, while taking care of the correct editorial and substantive form. In addition, there are consultations with the client, exchange of observations, some changes in the text, corrections, adding or removing fragments. It is also necessary to prepare the remaining elements, proper for the diploma thesis – table of contents, list of literature, list of illustrations, indexes, lists of abbreviations, etc. additions.

All this is associated with a dedicated time, which can be stored for many hours.

Then, every hour should be converted into an hourly rate and we will get the answer to the question whether it is more profitable to write someone work for GBP 1000 or to stand at the cash register in the supermarket and take 1500-2000 GBP. The number of hours for both classes will be the same.

So we see with the naked eye that real specialists certainly do not write works en masse and the lowest line of resistance. Because they are better and more interesting to work with. The question is whether these works are actually written or copied in the offer for GBP 1000.